Zen and the Art of Synonyms disciplined by grammar structure, Vygotsky oh my, El Aleph signed by Borges and under wraps, poesía de Nora Perusin, Dylan Thomas, César Vallejo, plays, short stories, Gertrude Stein, La necesidad del arte by Ernst Fischer, Aristotles La Poetica, Rollo May The Courage to Create and more...

Some Collected Works by Victor Kane
An Interactive Chapbook

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About Victor Kane

Victor Kane was born and raised in London, England and dutifully ran around the lakes at Hampstead Heath in grey vest and running shorts with his classmates.
Victor Kane was born and raised in San Diego at the age of 12 and in Los Angeles at the age of 16 and in New York at the age of 21, where he arrived on a motorbike dressed in gray jeans and parked a couple blocks from Columbia University in what was gonna be ’68.
Moving right along and skipping a bit here and there (his first novel planned to come out in serial form one day soon in the coming months will tell you more), he was born and raised in Buenos Aires at the age of 27, where he taught English as a second language, and his eyes and mind were opened wide by the literary workshops there and the activists that populated them.

Still is.
And he’s been writing all the time.
Now he’s looking to publish what he’s written.

Then he’s looking to publish what he’s writing.

And he’s seeing about writing and publishing as a practice. Sort of like a legal practice. Or a medical practice. But no, as a writing practice.

Victor Kane is excited and eager to let you know what that will look like.
Then he’ll know and be in the thick of it.
Hoping we’re all in this together.

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